Ravelry Roundup: Stripes

I have accumulated a great deal of stripey things in my day-to-day wardrobe. That’s because I think they’re great. Need a brutally minimalist geometric pattern? Stripes! Need to break up an otherwise plain and boring top? Stripes! Want to look like a giant angry bee? Stripes!

Tilted Heart Top

Eileen Casey's Tilted Heart Top

Poison Oak

SweetMama's Poison Oak

Ribbon Candy Cardigan

Jennifer Lang's Ribbon Candy Cardigan

Delancey Cardigan

Alexis Winslow's Delancy Cardigan

Sideways Striped Slouch Hat

unraveling's Sideways Striped Slouch Hat

Crazy Mad Love

hoarder555's Crazy Mad Love


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One response to “Ravelry Roundup: Stripes

  1. I live in my stripey jumper. I love that Delancy one too.

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