Ravelry Roundup: Halloween

Ah, it’s almost Halloween, that time of year that most gladdens my cold black heart.

Usually I like to celebrate this day by tearing up a charity shop outfit and drenching myself in fake blood. This year I shall be doing so in the context of the Bristol Zombie Walk. Splendid! You don’t have to get trashed to add realism to your zombie walk, but it’s a valid option.

Out of fake blood? Real blood not an option? How about just celebrating Halloween with  a selection of ghastly knitting goods instead? Joke! They’re all great!


Moipouf's Hallowpuss. You definitely wouldn't want it crossing your path.

Put skulls on EVERYTHING with the handy Domiknitrix Skull Chart!

Cold hands? That's nothing compared to witnessing the unyielding hellish void between worlds but Diana Stafford's Cthulhu Mittens will warm you up nicely.

To hell with subtlety, put Ann-Marie Dunbar's Jack O' Clava on your head.

For the classy goth in all of us: Emilee Mooney's Bat Shawl

Not strictly Ravelry, but isn't the Zombie BBQ colourway by Lorna's Laces the best halloween yarn?

ANSWER: NO IT ISN'T. Insubordiknit's Vitreous Humor wins Halloween. The end.

I hope you enjoyed the roundup and that you are now in the mood for Halloween. Are you not? Then please, let Mr. Vincent Price set the tone.


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2 responses to “Ravelry Roundup: Halloween

  1. The skull chart is fabulous. I think I´m gonna use it for a vintage cardigan :). Thanks for showing!

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