Travel knitting

Oh whoops, I’ve been quiet for a while haven’t I? I’ve been travelling a lot recently. For me, this means one thing: lots of small, portable projects cast on and barely completed in whirlwind of stashbusting.

First up, the Sunday Pictorial Beret, a pattern from A Stitch in Time Vol.2 that was kindly sent out to all us pre-orderers in advance. I got it done over an epic weekend of roadtripping. I went from Bristol to Irvine and back and all I got was this lousy hat…no, no, it’s a perfectly good hat really, I jest. Simple yet effective.

Sunday Pictorial Beret

The original had a knitted bow for decoration, but I wasn’t sold on it. It still needs something though doesn’t it? The unfortunate thing about wearing a plain, pink, clingy hat is that once you realise you look kind of like a penis you can’t unrealise it.

Next up:

Noble Cowl WIP

I am also 1/3 of the way through A Noble Cowl which I have been meaning to do forever. I am using Debbie Bliss Andes here. I’m not going to bust out a full yarn review here, but I will say that Andes is as frivolous as all get out. This is some crazy soft alpaca-silk single-ply in DK weight at £15/100g. And there are actual jumper patterns for this? I would expect the underarms to be a fuzzy mess in less than a day. However, for the purposes of a fancy little neckwarmer I am totally ok with a little splurge. Also look at that purple. I am a sucker for a good deep purple. Debbie Bliss, you win my money this time.

Last but not least I have this thing on the needles…

Houndstooth mittThis is to be the first in a pair of fingerless mitts. No pattern for this one, I’m just winging it. Took me a while to figure how to work the pattern over the thumb gusset in a mathematically pleasing way but I think I cracked it. It’s fitting quite nicely too!

Houndstooth Mitt

It looks a little scuzzy at the moment but that’s nothing a good soak can’t fix. It’s feeling nice and cosy to boot. When things finally start to get cold around here I feel like I shall be prepared!

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