FO: Sock zombies

In this post I resurrect some socks from the dead.

My only unfinished objects to date: socks. It’s shamefully obvious what happened here. I did one sock, then I got halfway through the other and…got reaaaaaaaally bored. In fact this pair have been sitting on the needles for, well, all of 2011!

I got so far on them but gosh, I just do not like this Zauerball yarn. It’s just not my thing, it’s all slippery and yet still sheds so much fluff. Apparently naff yarn is enough to throw me off a project.

BUT! I came up with a cunning plan! Give them away as a birthday present! So with a self-imposed deadline and the thought of a birthday girl going tragically sockless, I finished off in two weeks. Voilà!

Nutkin socks

The pattern, by the way, is Nutkin, which is delightfully free. It’s top down, and you finish off at the end by working the entire toe and then joining it back onto the sock with a 3-needle bind off, something new for me. It’s ok, but not terribly stretchy and I think it’s best suited to shoulder seam reinforcement.

three needle bind off

I’m quite pleased to have got these done and dusted at last! It’s like a weight off my shoulders (that weight being ~100g of yarn). But can anyone else recommend any other good strategies of your own to beat “Second Sock Syndrome”?

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