Holiday Mishaps

I’m back from New York! It was like London on crack, which I mean in the nicest possible way. Thanks for all the pizza and scenery New York!

New York sunset

I spent the first day all snap-happy like a total rube! Then on the second day I demonstrated myself to be incapable of basic tasks like screwing up the water bottle properly before putting it back in my bag. So now my camera is now utterly dead. Kaput. Gone to robot heaven. My beautiful £215 camera! I have a blog that needs pictures! NOW WHAT??

If you like you can picture one thousand sadfaces in the meantime.

I can put off pictures for a while I suppose…I’ve been chugging along on the Manu cardigan. It currently looks like a wall of glorious yellow fuzz. Certainly nice to stroke but you don’t need to see it just yet. It’s cool, I have some posts in the works that will suffice…

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