Where’s the knitting at?

Allow me to introduce my current crafty endeavour: The Fair Isle Yoke sweater from the delightful Stitch in time Vol.1, knit in the recommended Jamieson & Smith 2-ply jumper wool.

A simple yet effective vintage fix, what’s not to love? All that 1×1 ribbing was a good opportunity to perfect the tubular cast-on and now I’m converted. It just looks so neat. Plus it comes with the bonus of a tube of knitting to thread your ends into. Good tutorial here.

Cast-ons: officially levelled up

This has been a very quick knit so far. Mainly because I’ve blasted through the stockinette like a madwoman. I just wanted to get to the fun bit with the colours so bad! I’ve never attempted any serious colourwork before so hey, about time. After some yarn wrangling I settled on holding both colours in the right hand. Well sort of. Turns out it’s really hard to do that on a purl side, so I spent half the time just dropping and picking up each yarn like a rank amateur…

But it doesn’t matter! Because it turned out super-neat! So there!

And it's not even blocked!

My floats, let me show you them

And so now I’m on to the seaming. I’ve done the sides and shoulders, and the sleeves already. Now all that’s left to do is set in the sleeves and add a button, right after I’ve weaved in all the ends-


UGH FIIIIIIIINE, I’ll do it, but I’ll complain the whole time.

At any rate I hope to get this done in a few weeks before I head off on holiday to NYC where I am reliably informed it will be stupid hot. So hot I probably won’t even want to think about touching pure wool for a while.


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2 responses to “Where’s the knitting at?

  1. tkn


    yeah it’ll be hot in nyc.

    make me socks xxx

  2. Q -Love it! Makes me laugh. I’m an UGH person when it comes to weaving in the ends. šŸ˜Ž

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